Listen, do not judge us if you find us running around here with a handheld fan, extra sparkling water, and few pints of Halo Top ice cream. The world is kind of on fire in our hometown of Los Angeles. Within the past two weeks, we've seen temperatures as high as 122°. That's FARENHEIGHT. #Lawdhamercy. So we have no intentions of walking around pent up, buttoned up, or dressed up. No ma'am. Not today. Granted... we still work in fashion. So here's our team's tips and tricks to staying stylish and on-point... when really it's just too doggone hot to wear anything at all.  (Not trying to be extra, but it really is too hot to code switch right now.)



1. The Maxi Dress

Whoever invented this God's gift to women understands. We need something versatile, feminine, and polished. But we are channeling our inner India Arie alllll day. "Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes... I don't." No shaving

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