There’s 1000 fashion articles to teach you about dressing the body you have... but who teaches you how to love the body that you dress. If your body undergoes changes like weight gain or weight loss, it’s a process to re-learn your own shape. Some of us simply never learned to love the body that we were given, always hoping for flatter bellies, thinner thighs, or butts that just weren’t quite so large.

In 2017, we’ve learned from Instagram, fashion bloggers, and the rise of the body positive movement that everybody can look fabulous. Every. Single. Body.  The trick is to accept your body, learn it, and master its potential as it is. The key to a healthier body, mind and spirit is to take care of what you got (regardless of what that may actually be.)

Here’s 5 Ways to Love The Body You’ve Got.

1. Stand In

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