Did you know that Poetic Justice participated in BET’s first fashion show which was was hosted here in Los Angeles, CA? You may have heard of the BET Experience, a lively festive event hosted by Black Entertainment Television (better known as the BET Network). Annually, the community and celebrities joins together for few days to partake in what could be described as the ultimate block party with Snoop Dogg dunking on Justin Bieber in one room and live performances from Jill Scott in the other. The latest Los Angeles food trucks pulls into the convention center to add flavor to the festivities. The year we participated, there was a dance-off and a film festival. Not only did the entire city of Los Angeles come to L.A. Live to take part in the jamboree (which lead up to the BET Awards), people flew in from around the country to get a taste of the action.


Our team was approached for an invitation-only premiere e

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